Oyster Shell Shots

Served Up

Shots. Served in Oyster Shells. Here.

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We get wild ideas sometimes. Call them edible/drinkable flights of fancy. And we think you deserve a world where these things exist. So once in a while, we scrawl these ideas on a bar napkin and pass them to someone with the fortitude, the mastery and the lack of regard for natural law necessary to make them reality. We call it Served Up...

Oysters and liquor. Okay, that’s enough convincing. Let’s get right into it.

What it is: It’s a liquor flight, except the liquor is poured into spent oyster shells. So first: ask for Oyster Shell Shots. Then out comes a black bowl with four oysters on ice. Eat those, and one by one your barkeep will fill the empty shells with absinthe, mezcal, scotch and sherry.

What it tastes like: Fresh oysters can do magical things to spirits. In this case, the brine mingles swimmingly with mezcal, smoky scotch and the like. What we’re saying is: taste explosion. In your mouth. You’ll enjoy it.

Where it’s available: Driftwood, that delightful home of seafood and cocktails. It launches tonight, and they’ll continue serving this thing every Tuesday through Thursday. But it’s only available at the bar.

So sit at the bar.


Oyster Shell Shots
at Driftwood
642 W Davis St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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