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A Belgian Beauty with Waffles and Beer

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Dear Belgium,

You beat us in the World Cup.

But we couldn’t stay mad at you for long. After all, you make great waffles.

So sure, you can open a place in Brickell, that’s fine.

Tie a bib around your collar for Bistro Be, a new outpost of Belgian deliciousness poised to meet your seafood-studded waffles and beer quota, opening this Friday in Brickell.

Probably not the best time to hop a flight to Belgium, what with Swim Week and all. No matter. Because you have this: a sleek new dinner spot decked out in blond wood and a long marble bar with, you guessed it, plenty of Belgian beer.

Find a seat here and take a crack at one of over 70 brews. The guys serving it have been trained in the fine art of beer etiquette. Stuff like pouring technique and proper glassware usage. You know, the important skills in life.

Afterward, you’ll move on to one of two communal tables flanking the open kitchen. Before you: a Belgian bounty of mussel pots served with frites and savory waffles stuffed with all manner of seafood.

Oh, and save room for brunch. They’ll be rolling that out soon.

They’re running on Belgian time.

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