Boss Shepherd’s

Who’s the Boss?

Smoked Egg Yolks and Barrels of Whiskey

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You’re getting a new boss.

Specifically, Boss Shepherd’s, a subterranean power spot par excellence, opening Monday next to the Warner Theatre.

This place is named after the city’s noted post–Civil War political boss. His namesake is the kind of chandeliered, jazz-on-the-speakers-type spot where deals will get done and where you might “accidentally” bump into a council member from the Wilson Building across the street.

First stop: the onyx bar and its dark, low-ceilinged lounge where one can already hear the backs being slapped. And the whiskey being poured from two direct-from-the-distillery barrels that they tapped.

This also isn’t a bad spot for some oysters and pickled shrimp from the raw bar. Or one of 35 wines by the glass. And if you see a bottle you want to try, ask them. They just might uncork it and pour you a glass.

If you’re leading a group, request one of the round power booths with a view of the whole room, then get to work on a Southern-influenced menu—Virginia ham boards, fried chicken with a smoked egg yolk.

And if you’re really going all out, they’ve got a private-events rooftop that can hold 400 people.

Better reserve one of those barrels.

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