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Café Intermezzo: Out. This Place: In.

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Dear You,

Happy Slightly Belated Bastille Day.



Oh, you’re still here. Expecting something more. Fine.

Here’s Café M. Rouge Bar & Bistro, a new Mediterranean spot that feels an awful lot like a French spot, soft-open for lunch now in South Buckhead.

This place was built from the bones of a couple local institutions, so you’ll feel right at home.

For one, it’s in the old Café Intermezzo spot on Peachtree. For two, the owner saved a bunch of stuff from a Dante’s Down the Hatch auction. Old street lamps. Giant wooden doors. Part of a metal balcony that’s now a wineglass holder. (Sadly, no live alligators.)

They’re open now, and you’re hungry now. So if it’s a working lunch, grab a quick turkey club croissan’wich at the bar. But it’d be a lot better if you had some time to kill. Then you could sit by the open garage door and share crab-and-spinach fondue with a good listener.

Then, in couple weeks when dinner and drinks start, return for pots of white wine mussels and cognac-based, sugar-rimmed Southern French Connections on the covered back patio. Just watch out for the giant tree poking out of it.

The patio, not the cocktail.

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