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A Sandwich Shop from a Top Chef

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The standard American mall.

Great place to be if you’re in an ’80s teen movie. Or if you’re Paul Blart.

Or if you just want a damn good sandwich.

Enter Bryan Voltaggio, who just a couple hours ago unveiled Lunchbox, his shop of next-level sandwiches and shakes.

This is in Chevy Chase Pavilion, the mall Voltaggio is slowly appropriating. So next time your business takes you to Maryland, stop here en route. Find your way to the lower level, and this industrial-looking spot, with reclaimed gears from Hersheypark rides on the walls and plants hanging in galvanized buckets.

Your sandwiches: a Reuben with pastrami-style short ribs and seaweed sauerkraut. Or a Southern banh mi, with fried chicken, pickled veggies and liver mousse. Or Ma’s Meatloaf, with pineapple ketchup and blue cheese.

In a few days they’ll have four drafts, but for now, content yourself with liquids like housemade cranberry or mango soda, or milkshakes like Birthday Cake and Blueberry Cobbler.

Or soups like Supreme Pizza, with tomatoes, peppers, pepperoni and focaccia croutons.

Yes, you can now carry pizza in your thermos.


in the Chevy Chase Pavilion, Lower Level
5335 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20015


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