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Cocktail-Inspired Ice Creams in SE

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When it comes to summer cocktails, you’ve got many choices:

—Rum or gin.
—Salt or no salt.
—Have another or not. (Yes, do.)

And now, cup or cone.

Here comes Ice Cream Jubilee, an airy parlor with a particular fascination for cocktail-inspired cones, opening tomorrow at Yards Park.

Here’s your game plan: hit up a Nats game. Watch them win. Or rent some kayaks with friends. Watch yourself win. Then take a seat in one of the Adirondack chairs on the patio at this place.

Right beside you: a couple scoops of Dark & Stormy ice cream made with ginger and Gosling’s rum, or Banana Bourbon Caramel. Maybe Gin & Tonic sorbet flecked with lime.

You’ll find some nonalcoholic flavors, too—at least a dozen every day out of the 60 or so that the owner has at her disposal. (Sidenote on her: she used to be a Homeland Security lawyer, so she probably knows what you’re going to order before you do.)

Among those flavors: Sweet Potato Pie, Baklava, Fluffernutter and Peppermint Pop Rocks. And whichever you pick, rest assured that it will have around 18% butterfat. In other words, a lot more than your average pint from the freezer.

Nothing brightens your day like butterfat.


Ice Cream Jubilee
301 Water St SE
Washington, DC, 20003


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