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Downtown’s New Peruvian Mecca

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... are typically not a feature in your usual business lunch protocol.


Well, prepare to toss a couple back at Embarcadero 41 Fusión, your ace in the hole for lunchtime appointments of ceviche, wine and shots of fish juice, soft-open now in Downtown.

They’re really into the Peruvian thing here. Your first tip-off: the chalkboards all around the place describing different Peruvian dishes. Second tip-off: the backlit ocean-blue bar serving up mounds of ceviche and tiraditos. Third: well, they’re from Peru.

Yep, the owners have a couple of these joints in Lima and figured Miami might appreciate their Peruvian know-how. So while most of the dishes from the 50-page behemoth of a menu are solid business lunch contenders, the Tacu Tacu a los Tres Queso (fried rice and beans topped with seafood and cheese au gratin) is what you’ll rely on to fuel you through the rest of the day. Or the next hour. No judgment.

About those fish juice shots—you’ll ask for them by their given name: shots de leche de tigre. That literally translates to “tiger’s milk.” And in Peru, it’s used as a hangover cure and... an aphrodisiac.

Maybe don’t invite the boss this time.

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