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An Oyster-Happy Reboot of an Old Favorite

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You say you want a revolution, well, you know...

Oh, sorry. You meant “renovation.”

You say you want a renovation. With oysters.

Well, right this way...

Take a look (again) at Altamare, a new-and-improved version of the seafood-laden dining room you know and love, now open in South Beach.

First: don’t panic. It hasn’t become a golf pants outlet or anything like that. They’ve just spruced up the place, is all. Those ship portholes peering into the kitchen: new. An oil-painted mural depicting the ocean waves: new, too. The oysters: well, yeah, but that’s because...

... it’s hook-to-table here. The owner handpicks those filets occupying real estate on your plate on the daily. But you’ll also find a nice mix of Italian standards like a short rib lasagnette cozying up to wahoo crudo. Lovely world, this.

Now, back behind the bar, there’s a private dining room. That’s new as well. And the furniture in there is movable, so you can create a pre-/post-dinner lounge space for drinks and dancing.

Or, you know, an actual dinner.


1233 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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