Look Who’s Tacoing

Bartaco Is Here. And It’s Not Half Bad.

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You’re exhibiting all the signs of someone who’s ready to unplug for a long weekend.

Glancing at the clock every few minutes.

Tapping your feet anxiously.

Praying nothing unexpectedly comes up...

Unless that something is wild-boar tacos.

Give pause for Bartaco, a new nautically inspired haven for sharing bowls of ceviche and carafes of mojitos on a shady patio (from the team behind Barcelona Wine Bar), now open for dinner on the Westside.

Fair warning: this place is going to make you beachsick. There are a bunch of enlarged surfer photos, white-and-blue-striped pillows and a heavily tequila-stocked U-shaped bar.

They’re staying open on the Fourth, so that’s nice. Especially since watching fireworks always makes you hungry for all manner of taco (wild boar, fried oyster, duck). And thirsty for all manner of Humo y Fuego, a cocktail with mezcal, green Chartreuse and muddled tomatillo in it.

Also, you should know there’s a designated takeout window facing the street. Helpful in the event you’ve been tasked with transporting pork tamales and whole rotisserie chickens to an off-site party.

In your mouth.


969 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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