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Tough loss yesterday.

Probably makes you want to punch something.

That’s one option.

But maybe save your hands and just do some squat thrusts instead.

Here to help: Refined Fitness, a new personal training studio that’s hell-bent on getting you in shape this summer, now open on Greenville.

The gym sits next door to Society Bakery, but move along... nothing to see there. Just pass right by and walk into this place instead. Because what it lacks in cupcakes it makes up for in green turf, dumbbells and the sorts of machines that do rock-hard-sculpting things.

To get started, introduce yourself to Garrett. He’s running the show here, and he’ll put you through a series of workouts designed to accomplish whatever it is you’re hoping to accomplish. They could be anything, really, but don’t be surprised to see medicine balls, plyo boxes and a weighted sled that only moves because you’re pushing it.

And once you sign up for training sessions, you’ll also get access to the gym whenever you need it. Lift some weights, take a spin on those cardio machines in back, grab a cupcake from next door...

You can’t train on an empty stomach.


Refined Fitness
3612 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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