Instant Gratification

Beautiful Art. On Your Walls. From Instagram.

None “Nice Instagram on your wall”

... is a comment you never hear.

But you might. Starting in a few days.

Because this exists: Instant, a new service in which photographers’ Instagrams are turned into prints, now online.

If you’ve ever looked at the most evocative images on Instagram and thought, “You know, somebody should really print these out on high-quality paper, make them available for purchase for less than $100 on a website and give a portion of the proceeds to charity... oh, and they should also sell chainsaws,” well, then, aside from the weird part about chainsaws, you had the same idea as the people who started this site.

And here are some of the images you can buy:
  • A flock of pelicans chilling in some dark water.
  • Majestic snowcapped peaks near a lake.
The other nice thing is only 50 of each print are made. So none of your neighbors will have the same handsome/sexy art as you on their walls.

Well, 49 other neighbors, max.

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