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Heretofore, the humble potato has been relegated to a supporting role.

But this is 2014.

A year that will subsequently be known as the “Year of the Stem Tuber.”

(Don’t worry, it’ll catch on.)

Experience the opposite of a potato famine at Potato Flats, a casual tater den that’s doing delightfully curious things to that word we keep saying. It’s open as of today at Trinity Groves.

Think of this like Chipotle for potatoes. Then think about a 2,500-square-foot space filled with black tables, green chairs and floor-to-ceiling potato murals. Then be happy that such a place exists now.

To get started, walk up to the counter and choose your potato preferences (regular or sweet, baked or fried) before guiding your spud down the assembly line. If you want to build your own from the list of choices and toppings, by all means, do that. Go wild with chili and fish chowder and corn and other things you never knew went on potatoes.

Otherwise, call out one of their signatures items. Maybe the Breakfast Potato with scrambled eggs and bacon. Or the festive Thanksgiving Everyday with roast turkey, gravy and cranberry relish. Or the Cheeseburger Potato, which...

We’ll tell you this much: it’s not a salad.


Potato Flats
3011 Gulden Ln, Ste 119
Dallas, TX, 75212


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