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Meet South Beach’s New Mexican Lair

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Breaking news in the hashtag field.

#TacoTuesday is retiring. It wants to spend more time with its family in Guadalajara.

But hey, chin up. #GorditaThursday is right around the corner.


Maybe just eat the gordita.

Specifically at Porfirio’s Restaurant, a soaring Mexican lair stocked with 100 tequilas, pork-skin gorditas and its very own mezcal concierge, opening this Thursday in South Beach.

We can all agree: eating a taco is next to godliness. So consider this your church for holy tortilla worship—high cathedral ceilings, dark wood walls, a gurgling ceramic fountain and lockers for your mezcal. See, spiritual.

A night here will go down something like this: you and a date will convene at the wraparound bar and summon over a mezcal concierge. They’ll pair your ribeye chicharrón taco and Yucatán-style pulled pork with mezcal, sure, or one of their 100 tequilas. You’ll eat. You’ll drink. You’ll... excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. With your phone.

Which sounds a little suspect.

Until you catch a glimpse of the “infinity” wall in there. It’s a panel of holographic lights that seemingly stretch out into forever.

Sadly, the effect does not extend to your taco.

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