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Cuban-Korean-Peruvian Fusion from Cubancube

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Ah, the call of the West.

In the 1800s, it sounded like gold, adventure and Manifest Destiny.

Today, it sounds more like kimchi fries and Bar Lab cocktails.

Eh, same difference.

Heed the siren song of Finka Table & Tap, a cozy new hacienda for Cuban-Korean-Peruvian dinners and Cuban Old Fashioneds, opening tomorrow in (really far out) west Miami.

Yep, the talented folks behind the Cubancube truck have planted their flag on a homey little spot. And it feels like the main house of an old Spanish hacienda—wooden rafters, brick walls, old-timey Spanish chairs and partially melted candles scattered all over the place.

The plan: bring some friends and post up at the communal table. First thing you’ll notice is... well, you’re pretty hungry. But also, that kimchi fries and lomo saltado fried rice are a thing. Because what’s happening here is Cuban-Korean-Peruvian fusion. So going with a Cuban Old Fashioned from the cocktail wizards over at Bar Lab makes a whole lot of sense.

Now, if your evening’s looking more like a one-on-one affair, opt for a table on their “indoor” patio. It’s the one with sliding glass windows and a glass ceiling. So you’ll feel like you’re outside... without actually being outside.

Humidity really does a number on your kimchi.


Finka Table & Tap
14690 SW 26th St
Miami, FL, 33175


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