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None 4 Photos Jefe’s Original Soul Shack
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and... well, that takes a lot of time.

It’s probably best if you just pick up some fish tacos.

Cast a wide net for Jefe’s Original Soul Shack, the true story of how a fish-taco-laden food truck found a permanent home, open now in North Miami.

First thing you’ll notice is... this isn’t a truck. Also, there aren’t a whole lot of frills here—four small tables, a counter covered in bamboo, black-and-white photos of surfing types plastered on the walls. Nothing fancy. But hey, it’s a taco shack. To the manner born.

Oh, and look. The sun’s out. That’s nice. Good opportunity to round up a few friends and head to the beach. But after that, some refueling will be on the agenda. That’s when you’ll come here.

Now, you can opt to go with some truck favorites like the beer-battered fish tacos. Or go for something new. In which case, you can opt for the Pinche Cholo Burger smothered with carnitas.

You have chosen... wisely.


Jefe’s Original Soul Shack
12581 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami, FL, 33181


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