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Welcome to the first Monday of summer of the rest of your life.

Too bad about your office’s must-wear-a-shirt policy, though.

Until they come to their senses, you’ll want to know about Marine Layer, a San Francisco–based maker of obscenely soft, perfectly relaxed everything for the office, the beach or wherever wearing clothing is a good idea, opening Friday in Bucktown.

This is their first shop outside of the West Coast, and it’s got California written all over it. Well, it’s actually got “Marine Layer” written all over it. And the word “Soft” spelled out in marquee letters. But there’s a patch of astroturf inside. And lots of cacti. So if you squint: totally California.

The brand’s story began when the founder’s then-girlfriend threw away his oldest, softest, just-can’t-buy-’em-like-that T-shirt. He wound up marrying her anyway. Also, he developed a natural fabric that mimics that lived-in feel and started making shirts out of it. Yep. Fairy-tale ending.

What you’ll find: lots of V-necks and T-shirts with a Santa Monica circa 1981 vibe (stylized sunsets, soccer balls...). Recommended pairing: jeans and Sunday brunch.

Not to mention subtly patterned button-downs for casual office Fridays and beach-bonfire-appropriate shawl-neck pullovers.

They also work without fire.


Marine Layer
1646 N Damen Ave
(between Wabansia and North)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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