Hungry Like the Wolf

Fried Chicken and Wine Cocktails in MiMo

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Colonel Sanders.

There’s a guy who could fry up some chicken. Get you a great deal on beachfront property, too.

Wait. Wrong person.

But that reminds us: there’s this real estate agent selling fried chicken on Biscayne now...

Welcome Loba, a new Latin gastropub in MiMo with a dash of genteel Southern charm thrown into the mix, opening this Friday.

This place comes from the mind of... a realtor.

Wait. Come on back.

See, she’s enlisted some MC Kitchen and Tap 42 vets as trusted menu advisors. And she’s taken that little Indian joint that was on Biscayne and whipped it into solid fighting shape. Think: thick-cut wood tables, brick walls and shelves lined with novels and vintage cameras. It’s good gastropubbin’ scenery.

Because that’s the deal here. Good beer sidled up to some Latin/Southern cooking. See those metal stools at the bar—they go great with a loosened tie, some fried chicken and a side of mac and cheese after work. But the two-seater by the corner window—that’s more of a wine cocktails and ceviche situation.

Handle it.

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