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A New Date Spot in Petworth

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Former Ethiopian bakeries.

Here’s what you know about them up to this point in your life:


Right, not very much.

But here’s what you know about one of them now: it’ll be a prime date spot in Petworth.

Say hello to Crane & Turtle, a tiny, Japanese-French restaurant that’ll come in handy when you want to eat with a friend you’re attracted to, opening tomorrow in Petworth in a former Ethiopian bakery.

This is from Paul Ruppert. You know him. He brought you Room 11, Hogo and the Passenger. Now he’s bringing you this nice-looking space.

So make a reservation and come in with a date. Or walk in unannounced, give your name and number to the hostess, grab a drink at Ruppert’s Petworth Citizen across the street and wait for a text. Either way, don’t anticipate a large place. Rather, anticipate a place with eight tables for two and a seven-seat open kitchen.

Also, anticipate grilled bavette steak with Tokyo turnips. Sautéed Maine scallops with coconut-ginger foam. And probably a taiyaki: a warm, fish-shaped donut filled with sweet bean paste, soaked in rum and served with green tea ice cream.

You know, the basics.

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