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A Casual Hang from the Wood Tavern Crew

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Here comes the Wood Tavern crew with their latest incarnation: Benchwarmers Food & Spirits. It’s a laid-back watering hole in Midtown with flat-screens, flowing beer and all the fries. It’s also open right now.

Allow us to break it down for you...

Number of liquor bottles stored in high school lockers behind the bar: enough to do the job
Times you’ll hum the Saved by the Bell theme song: none that you’ll admit to
Televisions dedicated to sports: 12... for now
Time on Sunday you’ll start practicing your USA chant for the Portugal game: 5:50pm
Beer varieties on tap, including Cigar City, Funky Buddha and Goose Island: 12
Tables not covered in collages of Sports Illustrated pages and old baseball cards: 10
Tables soon to be covered in said collages and cards: 10
Chances yours will be loaded with waffle, curly, plain or sweet potato fries: 100%
Number of toppings (like cheeseburger and fried eggs) that you can opt to put on your fries: 7
Potential number of topping/fry combinations you can concoct here: do the math. Or... just eat the damn things.


Benchwarmers Food & Spirits
175 NE 36th St
Miami, FL, 33137


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