Things to do for June 19, 2014

The Weekender

A Disappearing Ice Cream Stand and a Movie About Chicken Wings

The weekend is securely anchored offshore and awaiting your arrival.

A Giant Cookout in Millennium Park

A Giant Cookout in Millennium Park

Summer. It means cocktail parties. It means Millennium Park picnics. It means backyard cookouts. It means doing them all at once at this mega-cookout under the Bean featuring more than a dozen chefs from the likes of Taco Joint, the Dawson and Tesori. Is what it means.

You’ve Got Two Hours to Ice Cream

You’ve Got Two Hours to Ice Cream

You may need to leave the office a little early tomorrow. Say it’s important. An emergency. Whatever. Just hurry to this new ice cream pop-up, which appears for precisely two hours every week. This week’s flavors: blueberry waffle and grasshopper. Two more reasons why God invented summer hours.

Fridays through Aug 29, 3-5pm, Jove T’s Ice Cream Shop, Primehouse Bar at David Burke’s Primehouse, 616 N Rush St, 312-660-6000

Have Dinner Here. It’ll Go Well.

Have Dinner Here. It’ll Go Well.

The Chicago Artists Coalition is hosting Starving Artist, a food-and-cocktail gala in the West Loop with chefs from Yusho, Balena and Nellcôte. You’ll consume culinary delights. You’ll look at art. You’ll ponder the irony of this being called Starving Artist.

A Buddy Movie Starring Chicken Wings

A Buddy Movie Starring Chicken Wings

Pitch 1: Midnight Run meets Colonel Sanders.
Pitch 2: Lethal Weapon with chicken wings instead of guns.
We have no idea how this buddy movie meets documentary about chicken wings ever got greenlit, but it did. And you get gratis wings with your ticket. So you’re going.

Lobster. Beach. Date. Success.

Lobster. Beach. Date. Success.

You have a date coming up. You want to go somewhere romantic, alfresco and off-the-beaten-path. You also want to stick things in clarified butter. Oh, we know just the place: this beachside café, which recently launched a Sunday-only lobster prix fixe feast. The lobster. The lobster goes in the butter.

Sundays, 6, 7:30 and 8:30pm, $50, Caffè Oliva, Ohio Street Beach, 312-612-0734 (reservations must be made by Thursday prior)

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