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Comfort food. Dog-eared cookbooks. Throw pillows.

All things that used to incite fond memories of home.

But that was a few seconds ago.

And this is now.

The “Most Likely to Succeed” superlative goes to Trace, a new Southern spot with chicken pot pie, whiskey and a whole lot of Georgia paraphernalia everywhere, soft-opening Thursday at W Midtown.

It’s in the old Spice Market spot, so it should be pretty easy to find. But instead of Asian-everything, you’ll find, oh, the exact opposite of that. Mirrors with “Georgia on My Mind” lyrics scrawled on them. Colorful pots hanging on a wall. Random statues of farm animals.

Bring an out-of-town client for one of those relaxed, just-putting-faces-with-the-emails kinds of dinners. The kind where you claim a couple seats at the bar, wave down some waffle-batter fried chicken, dip it in SweetWater bacon syrup and talk about life. Or the weather. Or random statues of farm animals.

Oh, and to answer your question: obviously. Of course the bar would be a nice pit stop for a Scarlett O’Hara (vodka, strawberries, ginger beer) for your date and a beer for you before heading over to a show at the Fox.

Good question, though.


at W Midtown
188 14th St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30361


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