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The Great Donut Drought of 2014.

And 2013. And 2012. And 20... well, you get the point.

It’s over.

You can put away your special donut-dance loincloth now.

No, really. Put it away.

And let it rain glaze at Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee, bakers of liquor-infused donuts and blenders of donut milkshakes, now open in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Yes, we’ve been in the midst of a very long and painful donut drought. Well, the pastry gods are a merciful bunch. So they’ve granted us a donut-ery with a Philippe Chow vet behind the oven. Mighty nice of them.

And he’s taken some creative liberties with your donuts. Liberties that involve chunks of caramelized applewood bacon on a maple-bacon number. And rings of fried dough topped with whipped Nutella and bananas. He’s even masterminded some liquor-infused versions using Guinness stout and tequila. Two birds, one stone and all.

Donut milkshakes. Let those two words sink in for a second.


Okay, now picture this: you. Walking in on a scorcher of an afternoon. A Milky Way–topped donut calling out softly to you amidst the din. You heed its cry... by having a kind server toss the whole thing in a blender with a heaping scoop of ice cream.

Bathing suit season be damned.


Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee
107 Commercial Blvd
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL, 33308


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