Tale of the Tape

Two New Restaurants Enter. One Leaves.

None 11 Photos Zinburger and True Food Kitchen
We’re in the midst of one of the greatest sporting competitions known to man right now.

That’s right.

The stakes have never been higher for Zinburger (left) and True Food Kitchen.

See, the former is a casual new patty factory that opened on Lenox Square’s perimeter today. And the latter is another casual new spot that’s opening a few steps away next Tuesday.

You can probably see why breaking them down tale-of-the-tape-style just makes so much sense.

The Scene
Zinburger: In the back: a giant mural of blue skies, green pastures and cows. In the front: a giant patio with just blue skies. You hope.
True Food Kitchen: It’s a little dimmer in here. A little sexier. The ceiling’s made of hardwood. The chairs are made of recycled soda bottles. There’s also a patio.
Edge: True Food Kitchen. Come on, soda bottle chairs?

The Food
Zinburger: Serious Angus beef burgers like The Ringer with applewood-smoked bacon, onion rings and pepper jack.
True Food Kitchen: Burgers accompanied by words like “grass-fed” and “quinoa.”
Edge: Zinburger. Healthy is good, but so are onion rings.

The Drinks
Zinburger: Crème brûlée shakes. Eight draft beers. Bacon Bloodys.
True Food Kitchen: The Hangover RX with coconut water, pineapple and orange juice.
Edge: Push. Never bite the hand that hydrates you.

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