Drunken Dragon

Enter the Dragon

The Foxhole Crew Really Likes Korean BBQ

87 to 104.

Let us never speak of those numbers again.

Moving right along...

... to your new weeknight/weekend distraction: Drunken Dragon, a DIY Korean barbecue joint in South Beach with a taste for Japanese bondage, opening tomorrow night... in a strip mall.

First thing you should know: the Foxhole crew is behind this place. So expect... nothing. Or everything. But definitely a whole lot of Japanese persons engaged in questionable acts plastered all over the walls. Oh, and a bunch of heavy ropes strewn about. Not that there’s a theme here or anything. Anyway.

Second thing you should know: you’re in control. Which... right. You’ll slide into one of the ondals (that’s a Korean barbecue table) with a date and start grilling your own pork belly or New York strip with different sauces (think: bulgogi and ssamjang). Apparently, tiki drinks go with stuff like that. So order one of their mai tais (rum, dry curaçao and orgeat topped with a rhum agricole floater). Then, keep on grilling.

Third thing you should know: group outings. They work nicely here. That 300-pound slab of reclaimed Douglas fir hanging from the ceiling—that’s where some serious feasting/festing will go down over tuna tataki pizza.

No, that’s not a safe word.


Drunken Dragon
1424 Alton Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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