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Irish Whiskey and Good Music on the LES

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Unfortunately for Ireland, they didn’t make it to the World Cup this year.

Fortunately for you, they did make it to the Lower East Side.

And wouldn’t you know it, they brought drinks...

So get thirsty for The Late Late, a homey Irish den of good beer, great whiskey and serious music, now open on the Lower East Side.

Aside from the tweed-covered bar stools and vintage Irish portraits, you’ll notice this is... not like other Irish bars. Because other Irish bars don’t have next-big-thing DJs (and playlists) selected by Florence + the Machine’s guitarist (he co-owns the place). Or a bar with 50 of the homeland’s most cherished whiskeys (including Green Spot and Yellow Spot). You’ll also notice a nook in the back next to a tiny piano. Yes, you want that nook.

Ideally, you’ll find yourself here with a group just after 11pm. That’s when the DJing commences. But if you ever find yourself, say, in a good mood after taking 300:1 odds on Nigeria, you could stop in for a celebratory Guinness served in a crystal goblet with a mint leaf—which, incidentally, is how they serve it in Nigeria.

Yep, Nigeria is the new Ireland.

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