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Since it’s Friday, it’d be pretty horrible of us to bring up Monday right now.

We know you’re already dreading what it’s inevitably going to entail.

Buckets of beer. Enormous burgers. Hanging out with your dog.

Sounds just... awful.

See what we did there at Lucky’s Burger and Brew, a laid-back new spot with a dog-friendly patio and people-friendly everything else, opening Monday in Town Brookhaven.

Meet Lucky. He’s a golden retriever and the namesake of this place. Which implies that, yes, you should bring your dog to the patio here. And if you don’t have one, there’s still a corrugated metal bar, flat-screens and portraits of Lucky wearing bandanas inside. What. They’re proud.

Bring a group of friends who have no qualms telling you you’ve got spicy red pepper mayo and a fried pimento cheese ball hanging off your chin (blame the Georgia Dawg Pounder).

And if you’re with three to nine of those people, feel free to take the Grim Reaper Challenge. It’s a four-pound burger with 12 strips of bacon, eight slices of cheese, seven fried eggs, onion rings and mayo on a challah bun.

At least they’re upfront with the name.


Lucky’s Burger and Brew
305 Brookhaven Ave, Ste 1250
Atlanta, GA, 30319


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