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A Sliver of Barcelona in Downtown

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You know what today is.

Well, yeah, it’s Wednesday.

National German Chocolate Cake Day. Sure, that, too.

But today—today’s the day you tango with some mustard ice cream.

Get a bit weird at Niu Kitchen, a tiny sliver of Spain from some Barceloneta and Soya e Pomodoro vets, now open in Downtown.

First off: this place is small. But go ahead and tell your date that it’s “intimate.” Not that they’ll notice when plates of pork cheek and mustard ice cream come flying out of the kitchen...

Yeah, mustard ice cream. It’s sitting in some tomato soup. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s rewind a bit.

See, the chef here is from Spain. And he recently did a stint at Barceloneta. So the menu is primarily Chinese. (Kidding—it’s Catalan.) Anyway, he and a Soya e Pomodoro operative got together and decided that Downtown needed more Barcelona in its life. So they outfitted a hallway of a space with reclaimed wood from around town, Edison bulbs and banquettes.

The date thing: that’s a possibility here. You can share some rioja and Catalan-style seafood rice. But you’ll also want to keep this place in your back pocket for a low-key business lunch.

Nothing says low-key like mustard ice cream.

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