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Beer and Build-Your-Own Pizza in Buckhead

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It’s not that you like telling people what to do.

That would be bossy. Rude. A telltale sign of a potentially deep-seated emotional problem.

But still, you need just a touch more garlic on the upper-left side of your pizza, please and thank you...

Let the toppings rain down at Your Pie, the Buckhead version of an Athens-based pizzeria where you get to dictate the exact specifications of whatever cheesy visions you can dream up, opening Friday.

It’s casual. A real swing-by-at-lunch-and-step-up-to-the-counter joint. And that counter. That’s where all the toppings are. The wooden two-tops, the framed pizza paddles and the painting of Ischia, Italy, are all secondary. Mostly because they’re decorations.

First, choose a dough. Then watch them toss it and work it on a marble slab. Then just go down the line picking things. Sauces, cheeses, other things. Maybe you’re in a Thai sauce, gorgonzola and dried cranberry mood. Maybe you’re not.

Either way, while your creation’s being cooked in a brick oven, you’ll be busy procuring a new Athens beer called Reclaimed Rye and pondering your gelato choices. Blood orange. Mint chocolate chip. Butterfinger.

Nobody better lay a finger on your gelato... finger. F**k us. Sorry.


Your Pie
5 W Paces Ferry Rd NW
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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