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A BYOB Italian Joint in Bishop Arts

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Looks like a boot. Borders four countries. Governed by a unitary parliamentary republic. Lauded for its food.

Yes, today kicks off our fact-filled breakdown of all 32 World Cup teams.


But about that food...

Meet Bocce, a family-run Italian joint that’s making pastas, bread and everything else from scratch, now open in Bishop Arts.

Inside, there’s no replica of the Trevi Fountain. No Tuscan frescos. No mustachioed opera singer making artisanal gelato in the back. Nope, it’s just a casual dinner spot. One with red- and green-checked tablecloths, framed Sinatra photos and a menu filled with home-cooked staples like chicken piccata and pappardelle Bolognese. You can work with that.

Your next weeknight date seems like a fine time to swing by. So grab someone who’s good company and take a seat. A plate of beer-battered artichoke hearts is a nice place to start before moving on to larger things like Sicilian-style pizza, porchetta heroes and/or something in the lasagna family. Like lasagna.

Just don’t try ordering wine, because they don’t have any. But what they do have is a liberal BYOB policy. So bring a bottle of Chianti or a sixer of Peroni or whatever else you like pairing with Italian feasts.

We’d hate for dehydration to set in.

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