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Margaritas and Mexican Things on Lovers

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Third time’s a charm.

Everyone knows that.

But if you already succeeded the first two times, well, now you’re just showing off.

Make haste for Mesero, a real looker of a Mexican/American hybrid and the third installment from Mico Rodriguez (Mr. Mesero, Mesero Miguel), now open for lunch and dinner at Inwood Village.

The Mexican part: the food, mostly. Think ceviche, carne asada and mole chicken enchiladas. And the American part... well, look around. It’s not your typical taco joint. Instead, it’s one fine-looking hangout with reclaimed woods, blue mosaic tiles, green-and-brown booths and an open kitchen. Also, a double cheeseburger. That’s pretty American.

So yes, you should bring friends here, good thinking. And when you do, snag one of those big circular booths along the back wall. Then proceed to fill your table with serrano-spiked margaritas, brisket-stuffed tacos and other engaging items to hold your attention. Like another round of margaritas.

Now, all that is just a sample of how you’ll spend lunch and dinner. But in another month, these guys will start serving breakfast, too. Which means morning meals of pancakes and chorizo-laced eggs with mini potatoes.

And okay, the occasional margarita.


5330 W Lovers Ln, Ste 112B
Dallas, TX, 75209


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