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Three Things to Know About Bunbury

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It takes a special kind of person to look at a tire shop and think, “Hey, I bet I can make a solid empanada in here.”

Fine line between genius and madness, people.

Straddling that boundary: Bunbury. It’s a wine bar serving up Argentine fare in Wynwood. It’s open now. But first, here are a few things you should know...

Keep your eyes peeled for a tire shop. Well, a former tire shop. We know, weird. Anyway, the inside’s stocked with thrift-store stuff that’s been handily repurposed. Like lamps made from colanders and a vintage writing desk turned table. But see that roll-up garage door toward the back—you’ll want to follow it outside to a large patio filled with string lights, live jazz and wine. Speaking of which...

You can expect some pretty solid vino here. That’s because the owners of this joint are sommeliers. And Argentine. You see how that works. So grab a seat and start with a bottle of Rutini cab. You know what goes with a cab—milanesitas de peceto (that’s breaded steak).

Wine delivery. That’s happening here. Which means you can get a bottle of malbec and a box of homemade empanadas stuffed with braised lamb dropped off at your doorstep.

Also known as “Friday night.”

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