Tico Tock

Spanish and Latin. From Boston. On 14th.

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T-minus one week to the World Cup.

Probably a good time to be thinking about Spain. And South America.

Which naturally gets you thinking about tacos and tequila-barrel-aged beer.


Save your strength for Tico, a Spanish-Latin spot out of Boston, opening Sunday on 14th Street.

You know those restaurants where everything is in its place. This... isn’t one of them. The brick is distressed, the tables are distressed and occasionally misaligned, a multilayered street art mural runs the length of the space, and a painting of a woman promises “it only feels kinky the first time.”

So if you’re bringing a date, maybe don’t make it a shy and reserved date. Take up a post at the ceviche bar in back and start exploring the five options, along with a Papa Made Bail—pisco, pineapple, lemon and basil.

If you’re with a big, boisterous group, well, it’s great for that, too. Get sharing some shishito peppers, lamb meatballs and seven tacos, then wash them down with an exclusive DC Brau aged in tequila barrels.

Or throw caution to the wind and order up one of the tasting menus, broken up into three categories of gluttonousness—“Kind of Hungry,” “Forgot to Eat Lunch” or “The Full-On Tico Experience.”

We all know where this is headed.

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