For the Grill of It

A Grill. A Pizza Oven. A Fire Pit. This.

None When faced with another hurricane season, you’ve got a couple of options:

A. Clear your nearest grocery store of all their Vienna sausages.
B. Clear your patio for a new grill/smoker/pizza maker.

With all due respect to canned sausages everywhere...

Fire up the Hephaestus Patio-Pro, a mixed-use tower of grilling technology that you’ll use to flip burgers, smoke pork and churn out margherita pies, available now.

Plenty of grills out there. And chances are, you’ve got one prepped for ribeyes right now (hey, good job getting that past the guys in corporate). Thing is, they’re not this: a 58-inch Craftsman-toolbox-looking contraption equipped with a smoker, pizza oven and fire pit. Oh, and yeah... a grill.

A Saturday afternoon. When you’ve got some friends heading over for a dip in the pool. And all of a sudden, there’s a char-grilled-burger-versus-pepperoni-pizza situation going down. That’s when you’ll use this thing. Throw some wood or charcoal in the base, set it ablaze and start making the peace one pie/bun at a time.

And for your mood-setting needs: a fire pit. Seriously. You’ll find it on the bottom chamber of your grill. Just load it up with hardwood and snap on the fire screen, and you’ve got instant ambience.

But maybe have some beers on hand... just in case.


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