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A scene from tomorrow night:

There’s a woman across the bar.

You try to keep your gaze discreet, but damn, she looks like fun.

Those sexy boots.

Those long eyelashes.

The way she gobbles up those little white dots...

Welcome to Barcade, the bar that’s also an arcade, opening tomorrow in Chelsea with Ms. Pac-Man in tow.

You know and love Barcade’s Williamsburg spot. It’s where you hit that magical Paperboy joystick zone somewhere between your second and third pint of HopSmash. And now it’s sating the thirsts of 8-bit specialists in Manhattan with a slightly larger version (49 games here to Brooklyn’s 44) of its stripped-down tables-beers-games configuration. There’s a high-score chalkboard perched at the highest heights of this space. And you. Will. Be. On. It.

Maybe in NBA Jam T.E. Perhaps in Tapper, the bartending game. Or maybe you like it obscure—for that, there’s Hologram, allegedly the world’s first three-dimensional holographic video game, where you... stare at holograms, mostly.

Or maybe you’re more a fan of the game of drink. In which case, you stake out the console that looks like a table, and try to select the best of their 25-tap rotation.

More of an analog game, that.


148 W 24th St
(between 6th and 7th)
New York, NY, 10011


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