Marco Yolo

Playing Marco Polo with Your Phone

None You lose your phone.

You beg the phone gods to make it reappear.

No one answers.

Then you yell “Marco.”

Then your f**king phone yells “Polo.”

And that’s pretty much that thanks to Marco Polo, a new app that was apparently born and raised in a public pool, available now for iPhone.

So, right. You remember that summer game you played with friends at pool parties back in the day. Well, in this scenario, you’re still you. And this app is your friend. When you misplace your phone, you shout “Marco” and it responds “Polo.” It’s so you can find it.

It’s also so you can just sort of have an app that does that...

And damn, these developers thought of everything. If your lost phone is on mute, it still works. If you put it to sleep, it still works. It works on pretty much every mode but “off.”

You don’t have to shout “Marco,” though. You can tweak it to respond to anything. Literally the word “anything.” Or “large coffee.” Or “is this real life?”

And then it’ll go... “Polo.”

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