Things to do for May 29, 2014

The Weekender

Brats, Smashing Looks and Tiki Disco

The weekend wants to live, too.

UD - Ovadia & Sons & Shipley & Halmos

Ovadia & Sons & Shipley & Halmos

Ovadia & Sons: sultans in the field of you looking good. Shipley & Halmos: ditto. They’re both basically giving spring/summer stuff away right now (perfect, since those haven’t even started yet). Some of the Shipley stuff has never been available before and some is one-of-a-kind. It’s two ampersands’ worth of nattiness. So, you know, good sale.

UD - Jazz, Folk and Rooftoppery

Jazz, Folk and Rooftoppery

There’s a highly advanced formula mathematicians sometimes use in times of great weekend: jazz + stunning hotel bars + rooftops = good things. To effectively demonstrate this, they’ve started conducting live music at Refinery Hotel’s lobby bar and on the roof. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.

UD - Your Cookout Needs All This

Your Cookout Needs All This

Here’s what you do—you go to the Seaport, you check out this market, you pick out a few choice Maine Dayboat scallops, some Mosefund Mangalitsa pork and brats, and you tell your grill that it’s time to get real. That’s not a suggestion.

UD - Tiki Disco’s Back with a Vengeance

Tiki Disco’s Back with a Vengeance

Roberta’s said Tiki Disco was not happening anymore. People were sad. You were sad. Now the Well is picking it back up again. That means you, a king-size Bushwick yard, the sun (hopefully), more than 300 beers and some legendary party DJs all coming together to make beautiful... something.

Sundays, 2-10pm, $10, Tiki Disco at The Well, 272 Meserole St (between Waterbury and Bushwick), 347-338-3612

What Else Is New
UD - Bivalves Don’t Stand a Chance Now...

Bivalves Don’t Stand a Chance Now...

If you dig shells: Union Bar & Kitchen’s got all manner of oysters (including panko-fried) and clams in Hudson Square, along with a killer champagne collection.
If the words Tutto Il Giorno mean anything: Your favorite Hamptons Italian spot’s now slinging crispy fritto misto in Tribeca.

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