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An Underground Tunnel for Cooling Beer

None “Anybody want a beer? I’ll grab a cold one from the fridge.”


“Anybody want a beer? I’ll grab a cold one from this underground tunnel using a hand-cranked conveyor belt.”


And that is how summer’s going to work.

Stop whatever you’re doing and focus on eCool, a hand-powered machine that cools your beer by storing it over three feet underground until you want it, available online now.

This comes courtesy of our friends in Denmark. They’ve done a pretty good job creating eponymous breakfast pastries and eponymous giant dogs. And now at making non-eponymous beer-cooling systems. Thanks, Danes.

It’s like a cross between a picnic cooler and a mine tunnel. There’s no electricity required. You just stick this long tube more than three and a half feet underground. And feed up to two dozen beers into the slots of its man-powered conveyor belt. Then the underground does its whole being-cold thing, and then you’re set.

Until you want a frosty drink on a day that is warmer than this one. That’s when you lift up its giant bottle-cap-looking top and use a hand-crank to send some beers up north.

This is all assuming you live above ground.

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