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What You Have Here Is a Southern Restaurant

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We’ve got some good news, and we’ve got some good news.

First, the good news: now that Memorial Day has happened, there’s never been a more appropriate time to eat oysters on a patio.

Next, the good news: you can do that at Southbound, a quintessentially Southern spot containing one entire bar that was transported from the Peabody hotel in Memphis and many entire boiled peanuts and grouper BLTs, soft-open for lunch as of today in Chamblee.

You’ll feel like you’re standing in an architect’s countryside home instead of a former mercantile factory from the 19th century. It’s got copper apple-butter pots hanging above the bar. A pew from a North Carolina church by the hostess stand. An indoor screened-in porch, because those somehow exist now.

It’s lunch-only for the next couple weeks, so plan a long afternoon with some new friends you made over the weekend. Make sure they’re okay with fried Gulf oysters, smoked-pulled-pork sandwiches and Coke floats (at least until the liquor license arrives soon, then feel free to spike those).

And there’s an upstairs, too. The kind of upstairs with room for live music, a New Orleans–style balcony and that bar commandeered from the Peabody hotel in Memphis.

It’s a good upstairs.

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