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A Seattle Import with Donuts and Coffee

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Please indulge us. We’re taking a quick poll. Would you rather:

A) Eat a chocolate donut.
B) Eat an apple fritter.
C) Eat neither.

The responses are in, and C loses in a landslide.

So start your day at Top Pot Doughnuts, a happy little spot serving handmade donuts and the caffeinated beverages legally required to accompany them, now open at Northwest Highway and Hillcrest.

These guys hail from Seattle. And if there’s one thing you know about Seattle... Space Needle, right. But if there are two things... probably Nirvana. Still, though, the town makes some really fine donuts. And now they’re making those really fine donuts here, which is mighty convenient.

They open at 6:30am, so file that under need-to-know if you’re ever awake at 6:30am. Then, whenever you do stop by—for breakfast, lunch, midafternoon pick-me-up—you’ll see wooden tables and chairs for sitting. A library wall lined with leather-bound books for perusing. And a walk-up counter with a glass case. Peer inside that glass case.

Because it’s housing blueberry cake donuts, maple bars and raspberry-filled situations that demand your attention. And just to the right: a white-tiled coffee bar serving espresso shots, pour-overs and Ovaltine lattes.

Ovaltine... it’s all grown up.


Top Pot Doughnuts
8611 Hillcrest Ave, Ste 195
Dallas, TX, 75225


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