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UrbanDaddy - B Is for Beer You love beer. But let's face it: you don't always get it.

Oh, sure, you understand the appeal—the fizzy bitterness of your first sip, the slow buzz of an afternoon spent sinking sixers. But how is this nectar from the gods made?

Presenting B Is for Beer, your one-stop resource for unraveling beer's great mysteries.

First, a note re the format: It's billed as "a children's book for grown-ups, and a grown-up book for children," and the plot includes a visit from the Beer Fairy. (You might remember her from your most recent hangover.) But with its knowing, wise-guy tone, it reads more like Dave Eggers spinning a boozy yarn from the nearest barstool.

Written by Tom Robbins (Even Cowgirls Get the Blues), the book explains everything from wort to hops, while mixing in jokes about Seattle's miserable weather and golf (defined as "basketball for people who can't jump and chess for people who can't think"). You'll also be treated to something like poetry—as when he describes beer as "an elixir so gassy with blue-collar cheer…that it seizes the soul and thrusts it toward that ethereal plateau where all human whimsies float and merge."

Amen, brother. Amen.

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