Things to do for May 23, 2014

The Weekender

Ant Cocktails, a Naval Ship and Pork Three Ways

The weekend is one with the grill.

Beer Hall Madness at the Seaport

Beer Hall Madness at the Seaport

We could’ve sworn you told us you liked drinking beer outside. So here’s Ambrose Hall, with a beer program by the Clinton Hall guy (read: a good beer program), a monster open-faced lobster roll and soon, a big chunk of outdoor Seaport space. Yeah, that was you all right.

Top Gun on an Aircraft Carrier

<em>Top Gun</em> on an Aircraft Carrier

Big news: you finally found the highway to the Danger Zone. Passengers include Iceman, Goose and Kenny Loggins. Its destination: a flight deck screening of Top Gun on the Intrepid tonight. Spontaneous volleyball games not discouraged.

Brunch at Tavern on the Green

Brunch at Tavern on the Green

Nothing like enjoying grilled skirt steak and crispy Spanish potatoes whilst gazing out at Central Park’s Sheep’s Meadow to get you thinking “Well, I must have made some right decisions in life.” On a closely related note, Tavern on the Green is doing brunch now. Think about it.

Pork Three Ways. For America.

Pork Three Ways. For America.

And now, your Memorial Day pigtaculars...

The Dutch: Is doing a luau with Kalua pig, zombies and macaroni salad.
North River: Their first-ever pig feast is going down. It’s in crunchy-skin pork roast form.
The Gander: Is going the suckling-pig-for-two route, with BBQ fixins and canned beer.

God bless pigtaculars.

What Else Is New
Ice Cream, Insects and Waffles
And Now...

Ice Cream, Insects and Waffles

It’s ice cream season: So check out the salted-caramel-sundae stylings of a Daniel vet at Morgenstern’s.
Ant-salted cocktails exist: They’re at the Black Ant, along with your first grilled-cactus-pad-tasting experience.
Chicken and waffles go together: And Sweet Chick has now brought theirs across the river to the LES.

Elsewhere on the Daddy

More Radar in New York