Things to do for May 22, 2014

The Weekender

One New Lunch, Two New Brunches and (Yep) a New Patio Bar

The weekend accepts all major credit cards.

Banh Mi, Meet Burrito

Banh Mi, Meet Burrito

Vietnamese counter-service joint Sa Pa just opened its second location in Cleveland Circle. Let’s take a closer look...
What’s the same: 24-hour beef pho broths and BBQ-pulled-pork banh mi.
What’s different: Late-night hours and some stuff they found called “beer” and “wine.”
Banh mi burritos: Just an announcement.

A Few of Mr. Sid’s Favorite Things

A Few of Mr. Sid’s Favorite Things

Here’s a random list of fantastic things:
1) The entire Alden Shoes collection.
2) Custom shirts from the New England Shirt Co.
3) Randolph Engineering sunglasses.
4) Island Creek oysters.
5) Cocktails made by Jackson Cannon.
But it’s also a list of things you’ll find at Mr. Sid’s Made in Massachusetts night. Coincidence?

Uh Oh, New Patio Bar

Uh Oh, New Patio Bar

Belly Wine Bar’s patio is just fine. But it was always missing a wooden bar where you could commiserate with duck wings and lamb sliders straight from the grill. So here’s the part when we say that bar now exists. Thanks for participating.

Two Juggernaut Brunches in Somerville

Two Juggernaut Brunches in Somerville

Here’s your new-brunch forecast:
Kirkland Tap and Trotter: Expect intermittent flurries of hot-dog hash and Dad’s Breakfast made with Schlitz, scotch and a raw egg. Must have been an awesome dad.
La Brasa: A strong chance of pork breakfast sandwiches and micheladas throughout the early afternoon.

Lunch at Lincoln Tavern Is Now a Thing

Lunch at Lincoln Tavern Is Now a Thing

It looks like Lincoln Tavern finally got its lunch machine installed. Because starting Monday, you’ll be able to graze all afternoon on Lincoln Burgers, truffle mac and cheese, and wood-fired duck-confit pizza. And whatever else a lunch machine makes.

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