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Here’s a Charming Little Island-Themed Spot

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Here’s a list of stuff you don’t want getting in the way of your Memorial Day weekend:

A palm tree. Jerk chicken. Warm beams of sunlight moving across your shoulders. Spiked passion fruit slushies. Bowls of rum punch.

No, that stuff definitely won’t get in the way...

Feel the breeze wafting around the corners of Palm House, a tropical palm-shaded oasis full of birdcages, sunlight, jerk chicken and things to be turned into slushies, opening tonight.

You’ll recognize the bones here. Used to be Nettie’s Crab Shack. And a farmhouse. Anyway, good bones. There’s an atrium. There’s a patio. There’s a solarium. There are more than 20 birdcages. There are... more than enough little corners for you to while away a few hours.

Here to help: fish-and-chips battered in Jamaican lager. Jamaican jerk chicken. Fried jalapeños. Chipotle-mango margaritas. Drinks in bowls. Drinks that are frozen and therefore cold. Basically, it’s a weekend-afternoon dream team gathered to keep you occupied during those precious hours when lunch dissolves slowly and blissfully into dinner.

And then there’s dinner.

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