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H Street Has Itself a Sports Bar

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How to follow the game, option 1: heat yourself some dinner. Pour yourself a beer. Hit refresh on your phone at regular intervals. Curse a lot.

Option 2: Halftime Sports Bar, a homey little neighborhood hideaway of TVs and camaraderie, opening tomorrow night at the far end of H Street.

No mystery here: this is where you’ll catch the Nats game. Or the NBA playoffs. Or the French Open (okay, maybe you’ll have to request that one).

Staking out a high-top table is important. But not just for a good angle to the nearest flat-screen. No, here you can post up according to your allegiances. See, there’s one whole wall done up in a Wizards/Caps mural; another in a Redskins mural; a basketball key built into the floor; and a veritable museum of signed... stuff, like a Pete Rose jersey. If you’re not too distracted, play with the remote-control digital scoreboard.

You might also want to eat and drink. So turn your attention to the mix of big and small beers on tap, the PBR cans and, eventually, a dozen or so wings, like pineapple/blue cheese and wasabi ranch.

Wipe your hands before you high-five anyone.


Halftime Sports Bar
1427 H St NE
Washington, DC, 20002


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