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Twelve days.

That’s 0.03287671 years.

Or, to be more exact: too f**king long to wait for perfectly smoked brisket.

But good news: Pecan Lodge is coming back. After its farmers’ market walk-up closed on May 11, the husband-and-wife owners are firing up their smokers and opening a full-fledged restaurant this Friday in Deep Ellum.

This is a big deal. Partly because the usual lunch crowd has been wandering aimlessly around Downtown like a bunch of barbecue-deprived zombies. But also because version 2.0 is filled with actual restaurant things like wooden tables and mismatched chairs and a three-sided, indoor/outdoor bar that’s doling out the fundamental refreshments (read: beer) you longed for.

Now, plan accordingly, because Friday at 11am is when everything kicks off. By everything, we mean whole briskets, beef ribs, jalapeño sausage and the delightfully named Hot Mess. That would be a sweet potato loaded with barbacoa, chipotle cream, cheese, butter and green onions. That would also be a wise, wise choice.

And because this joint’s now serving dinner on weekends (its former self was lunch-only), you can keep hanging out once the sun’s gone down and sip on local beers, snack on pulled pork and listen to live music on the patio.

Which reminds us... patio.

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