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An Attractive New Date Spot in Bishop Arts

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Fire is often called the foundation of human civilization.

It’s easy to see why.

Without it, you just can’t get that perfect char on hanger steaks.

Make haste for Stock & Barrel, chef Jon Stevens’s highly anticipated ode to wood-grilled meats and the humble potato, now open Tuesday through Sunday in Bishop Arts.

This 1940s-era building used to make safety glass. Now it makes Wagyu meat loaf and fries with white-truffle mayo. You can spot an upgrade when you see one.

And when you see this one, you’ll notice the gray concrete floors and rustic wood walls. The burnished steel chairs and orange-tiled open kitchen. It’s a winning combination to be shared with a date or some friends or anyone who enjoys spirited bouts of eating/drinking/commenting on restaurant design.

Then when you and that companion settle into a gray booth along the wall with something whiskey- or tequila-spiked, you’ll have plenty to discuss. Like whether you should get the grilled-octopus ceviche or the braised pork cheeks with cheese grits or both, which... yes, both. Glad to see you’re on the same page.

For now, it’s dinner only. But next month, expect to spend your weekend midmornings here, too, because that’s when they’ll begin serving brunch.

One of your four favorite meals of the day.


Stock & Barrel
316 W Davis St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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