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Basil Park Has Kale and Chicken and Wine and Beer

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Okay, you’ve got four pool parties and a beach BBQ happening over the holiday weekend.

You’ll be wearing a shirt for about seven minutes total.

Let’s talk about what you might want to eat in the meantime.

Here to help you through nearly naked season is Basil Park, a Sunny Isles eatery that’s big on seafood, kale and calorie-burning lemonade—but don’t worry, there’s beer, too—expecting to open this weekend.

Stepping inside, you immediately feel 27% healthier. The crisp white brick walls, pale wood beams and chard-green banquettes are sort of like going on a visual cleanse. Sort of.

At 8am, grab a seat near the open kitchen for some red quinoa pancakes and a Metabolic Lemonade (with cayenne pepper and coconut palm nectar) from the juice bar. Come back after the weight lifting session on your calendar (whether or not that session happens) for some pasture-raised rotisserie chicken and the Tuscan kale salad. You knew there’d be a kale salad...

Or come here for a nice date with that attractive vegetarian you keep running into at the farmers’ market in the Grove. Sit on the terrace and order a glass of biodynamic rosé and a 22-ounce beer...

Everyone’s talking about the new beer diet.


Basil Park
17608 Collins Ave
Sunny Isles Beach, FL, 33160


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