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The Finest Sheep Farm/Ski Lodge in New Zealand

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Hey, fun fact: there are 20 sheep for every person in New Zealand.

Hey, another fun fact: there are like 2,000 sheep for every person at this place.

Don’t pull the wool over your eyes for The Lodge at Walter Peak Station, a lakeside chalet situated on a 154-year-old sheep farm in Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s taking reservations now.

There’s just one road that will take you to this place. And... it’s usually closed. So you’ll get here by boat. Specifically, on the only coal-fired, Edwardian passenger steamer left in the Southern Hemisphere. Or just chopper in from the airport. Sort of a win-win travel situation there.

Eventually, you’ll come across a wooded lodge surrounded by rolling green fields, snowcapped peaks and ever so many sheep. Step inside. It’s all cozy. There’ll be a fire roaring in the living room. There’ll be a snooker table next to the bar. And the chandeliers will be made from old farming machinery.

When you’re not choppering up to the very powdery, very skiable mountains around you, you’ll mostly take it easy. Go fishing. Shoot some clay pigeons. Hang out with the sheep.

Just like in the summer of 69 BC.


The Lodge at Walter Peak Station
Mount Nicholas-Beach Bay Road
Walter Peak, Lakeside
Queenstown, 9793
New Zealand
+64 3450 0855
official website


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