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A Supper Club in Historic Buildings

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One of your lifelong dreams: eating a warehouse-full of Twinkies.

A more realistic dream: eating in a building where they used to make Twinkies.

We can help with the latter...

Here’s Hits & B-Sides, a supper club that occupies historic buildings around town each month, now taking reservations for June 1 at the Wonder Bread Factory in Shaw.

As you may know, this is where they used to turn out spongy white bread and Hostess Twinkies to the grateful masses of DC. Well, it’s been spiffed up and turned into commercial lofts. But before any tenants move in, the DC Preservation League is partnering with the chef behind Cogito Ergo Sauté and setting up a table for just eight people in the front window (yes, they’ve vacuumed the construction dust).

The menu is under wraps, but the chef is fond of things like salmon tartare, sherry-braised short ribs and bourbon pie. As for the booze, it’s BYOB, so it may be a good time to test out your homemade vermouth on some folks. Or, you know, just bring wine.

They’ll come back to Wonder Bread another two times before moving on, and we hear that future locations may include the Washington Coliseum, where the Beatles played their first US concert.

Dress like Ringo.

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