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Burgers and Chandeliers in North Miami Beach

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Consider the croissant.

You could have one with your coffee tomorrow, or have one with a half-pound burger in it tonight...

Meet El’eat Restaurant & Lounge, your date-worthy wonderland of crystal chandeliers and brisket-and-short-rib burgers on croissant buns—now open in North Miami Beach.

Yes, there’s a patio out front. It’s nice enough, but you and your date are looking for something slightly more date-night-ish. Right this way...

Inside, you’ll find wafting white curtains and soft-glowing chandeliers. You’ll find some white-tablecloth-and-leather-chair majesty. That’s your table. Now, you might be thinking candles... champagne... East Coast oysters... pretty fancy thoughts. Nothing wrong with those thoughts. Indulge them.

But if you realize you’re really just in the mood for a beer and a burger, that can happen instead. (Or that can happen... also.) The El’eat Burger is eight ounces of Black Angus brisket, chuck and short rib served on top of a croissant bun. Hard to imagine what could go wrong there. Just so you know, this is the only place in South Florida serving High Road ice cream.

And the ice-cream-exclusivity game is serious business.

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